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   CONGRESS 2019

Hosted by:
The Kenya Renal Association 


Improving Kidney Care in Africa

25-9-2019 To 28- 9-2019


Pride Inn Paradise Resort and Conference Centre, Mombasa, Kenya.


The Conference

25 September 2019
28 September 2019

Welcome to the AFRAN congress 2019 events page.
The African Association of Nephrology (AFRAN) and African Paediatric Nephrology Association (AFPNA) seek to bring together the Nephrology community in Africa to share knowledge and experiences, establish linkages and ultimately improve outcomes in the management of kidney diseases in Africa. Towards this end, biennial congresses are held to provide an avenue for updating delegates on the latest developments in nephrology.
The next AFRAN/AFPNA congress will be held in the coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya from 25th – 28th September, 2019. It will be hosted by the Kenya Renal Association (KRA), which will be concurrently holding its 16th annual scientific conference, and the Kenya Nephrology Nurses Association (KNNA) which will be holding its 8th conference.
The Theme of the Conference is: ‘Improving Kidney Care in Africa’. The proposed sub-themes include: Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Transplantation, Tropical diseases and the Kidney, CKD, AKI, HIV related kidney diseases, Pediatric Nephrology, Global Nephrology, Nephropathology, Glomerulonephritides, Interventional Nephrology.
We are honored to invite you all to join us either as delegates or sponsors. We hope to host hundreds of nephrologists and allied kidney care professionals in the lovely city of Mombasa. We are formulating a robust scientific program that will be sure to keep delegates engaged and updated. We also have exciting social activities planned for delegates.

We look forward to hosting you all. Karibu Mombasa!


Anthony Were,                                                                                          Ahmed Twahir,
President – Elect, AFRAN.                                                       Chairman, Kenya Renal Association.
Co – chair, AFRAN Congress 2019.                                          Co – chair, AFRAN Congress 2019.



Scientific Committee Co – Chairs: 1. Maranga Wambugu (wambugumaranga@yahoo.co.uk)
                                                      2. Ikechi Okpechi (IKECHI.OKPECHI@uct.ac.za )


  1. How do I become a member of AFRAN / KRA/AFPNA?

           There will be a registration desk during the conference to assist

   2. How can I register for the congress?

           Registration can be   done on the website

   3. What are the registration rates?

          The registration rates are as below:

    Delegate                                      Early (by 31st May 2019)                     Late (after 31st May 2019)

                                                          Kshs.                USD                               Kshs.                       USD

    KRA and AFRAN                        15,000                150                              17,000                        170


   Registrars and Nurses                 12,000               120                               14,000                       140

   International delegates               25,000               250                               25,000                       250

   Accompanying persons              6,000                  60                                 6,000                         60

     4.  Are workshops included in the registration fee?

               Yes, the registration fee covers both the workshop and conference

     5.  How can I reserve a room, and what are the rates?

           To reserve a room kindly write an email to info@mmskenya.co.ke  

                           The rates are as follows:

  •  Single room kshs. 12,500

  •  Double room kshs. 16,500


        Please note that rooms at the PrideInn beach hotel and convention centre (the venue of the congress) will be allocated on

        first come – first served basis. However, those unable to get a room here will be assisted to get accommodation in nearby

        hotels which are easily accessible and within a 15 minute walking distance from the congress venue.


     6.  I only want to attend one day of the conference; is that possible?

             Yes you can, but the full registration fee applies.

     7.  When will the exhibit hall be open?

            The exhibition hall is open from 26th September except for the companies sponsoring the workshop sessions.

     8.  How can I reserve exhibitor space in the exhibit hall?

            For sponsorship packages kindly contact the event organisers on info@mmskenya.co.ke

     9.  Is there funding available to help with travel/registration costs?

           Unfortunately, since AFRAN has limited resources delegates will be required to fully fund their own travel, registration and 

           accommodation costs.

    10.  Will I receive a certificate of participation?

             Yes you will receive an e-certificate in your email

    11.  I am an overseas participant what are my Visa requirements ?

             Kindly visit this website which provides more information  http://www.evisa.go.ke/

    12.  I am an overseas participant and I need a letter of invitation before i can receive my visa what is the procedure?

              Kindly send an email to info@mmskenya.co.ke  with your full name, passport number and  we will send you the invitation letter.

    13.  How long should my presentation be?

             Presentations should be targeted to last the duration of the allocated time and to leave 5 minutes for a Q&A after the

             presentation. There will be a Strict time - keeping policy.

    14.  Will there be a francophone session?

              There will be no francophone session. The congress official language is English.

    15.  How is the weather in Mombasa?

              The weather is mostly hot and humid. However, during the month of September, there may also be slight rains.

    16.  Transport arrangements from the hotel?

              Airport transfer can be arranged at a fee kindly contact the event organizer with your travel details on info@mmskenya.co.ke

    17.  What are the tourist attraction sites in Mombasa?

             Mombasa is in a coastal region there are beaches, dolphin spotting trips, wildlife, cultural parks and many more

    18.  How far is the conference venue from the airport, from the capital city Nairobi.

             Mombasa is a different city from Nairobi; the 2 cities are 487.5 kilometres apart which is a 45 minutes flight distance from Nairobi

              to Mombasa.

              The distance from the mombasa airport to the hotel is 23.6 kilometres

Paybill No: 739890

Account:(your phone number)

Account Name:               KENYA RENAL ASSOCIATION

Bank name:                      BARCLAYS BANK OF KENYA

Account Number(KSH):  2039034282

Bank code:                       03

Branch name:                  HURLINGHAM

Branch code:                   045

Bank Swift Code:            Barckenx

Bank Address:                 34974

Bank Post Code:             00100 NAIROBI





Make Reservation For The Conference

Paybill : 739890

Account :(your phone number)

Account Name:               KENYA RENAL ASSOCIATION

Bank name:                      BARCLAYS BANK OF KENYA

Account Number(KSH):  2039034282

Bank code:                       03

Branch name:                  HURLINGHAM

Branch code:                   045

Bank Swift Code:            Barckenx

Bank Address:                 34974

Bank Post Code:             00100 NAIROBI

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          Event Organizers:

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